Bio Jade Gibson Singer

Jade Gibson Singer

Jade Gibson, singer and lively performer, hails from North East Victoria. Jade loves nothing better than engaging the crowd and getting them on their feet to party. Singing and performing to large audiences such as the notable Wangaratta Festival of Jazz since she was 10, Jade has now developed a huge following in North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

Some of her most popular and lively gigs include local BnS Balls as well private functions for the Wagga Wagga Air Force and Weddings. She also sees great success during the football/netball season performing at various club functions, game day events and awards nights.

Jade captures her audiences with her modern contemporary style and unique vocal talent with musical influences ranging from Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Fleetwood Mac along with strong country rock/pop influences from Carrie Underwood, Kelsey Ballerini, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. Jade performs a mix of top 40 charts, country rock/pop and favourite classics and loves nothing more than engaging with the audience and getting them on the dance floor.

Using state of the art professional sound and lighting Jade is able to cater for small intimate venues right through to larger clubs and outdoor venues.

Jade is currently studying vocal with prominent vocal technician Susie Ahern in Melbourne. She plans on heading to Nashville, Tennessee USA in 2018 to build her career.


If you are interested in finding out more about Jade or booking her for a gig, please contact her here.











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